4 pages persuasive compare and contrast essay on the recording artist and each specific recordings 1

Read the instruction on the Guideline document I attached carefully (this is worth 33% of my grade so it must be perfect and follow the guideline to its entirety)

I got this paper written by a tutor from here yesterday and it was completely off base, full of grammatical errors and sentences that don’t make sense and clearly did not read everything detailed (lacking the most important part: the thesis statement). So I need a completely new essay. I will attach the essay this person wrote so please read and make sure you don’t do what they did such as starting with the definition of art, which obviously my professor don’t need as he is a music artist/historian. (this essay is the one with the name “bad essay”.

You must cite at least one of the two readings I also attached, but please make good citations from good outside sources.

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