about marcellus shale eastern ohio

Write about Marcellus shale in eastern Ohio, Focus on the following topics as well as adding more topic that would help. I also need you to add some photos for proves. the main topics are:

1. Why we choose Marcellus formation to produce from? compare to Point Pleasant formation in Eastern Ohio.

find somethings like:

how much oil and gas in the formation “that produced and still undiscovered yet”.

Thickness, Porosity, Permeability, Oil Quality “how rich is the oil with carbon”, Maturity, Oil API gravity, Gas Composition,

2. write about Hydraulic fracturing for testing the formation. find some sources that suggested to hydraulic fracturing the formation.

3. Type of wells have been drilled. Vertical or Horizontal wells.

4. is it an economical formation to drill and produced from.

5. find more benifits

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