Acme Graphic Design Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)


The assignment is a New product that builds upon the work of the past three weeks. You may include your past work to meet all requirements, but consider improving on the final consolidated product where applicable. Refer to all previous assignments submitted on the Acme Network. Review and take into consideration past Instructor feedback then …

Develop a WLAN plan for Acme Graphic Design based on the Blueprint (from Week 2) and security to the owner.

Write a 700- to 1,750-word document using Microsoft® Word finalizing describing your final network design incorporating your instructor’s feedback. Use APA formatting.

Include the following:

  • Blueprint
  • From Week Two, the description of the network plan for your blueprint
  • From Week Three, your table or a diagram showing the frequencies/channels that will be used for your network design and the locations where the frequencies/channels will be used and the description of the type of IEEE wireless network selected and the reasons for the selection over other choices
  • From Week Four, your description of the security mechanisms for your wireless network and how the WLAN will be managed
  • The diagram showing wireless access points, frequencies, and ranges

The paper has to be on ACME Company and it must be clear.

Use your corrected versions of all previous parts of the paper.

I will attach all portions of the paper done this far with the necessary corrections.. PLEASE MAKE CORRECTIONS TO ALL OF THESE SECTIONS AS WELL AS WRITE THE NEW SECTION.

I REALLY NEED A GOOD GRADE ON THIS. If you do a really good job I will tip generously

Thank you

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