ad campaign assignment copy platform and print ad

Advertising pervades every part of society. The products we use in our homes, the clothes we wear, the programs we watch on television, the books we read, the places we shop and go for recreation—all of these things are affected by advertising.

Assignment: Brainstorm on your product. You can create a new product or put a new twist to an already existing one. Then write a Copy Platform (10.7, page 175 and Appendix C) as a Word document. A copy platform is a way of gathering information about a product and matching it with the advertising situation. Use the example in the book as your guide. You should use bullet points as needed and sentences when needed. You must include all of the following elements:

  1. Ad Subject
  2. Ad Problem
  3. Product Characteristics
  4. Advertising Objective
  5. Target Market
  6. Competition
  7. Statement of benefit or appeal
  8. Creative theme
  9. Supportive selling points

Now you will be creating your own visual ad to accompany your copy platform.

  • Your ad should have the following elements: (1) Illustration, (2) Headline, (3) Subheads, (4) Body Copy, and (5) Closings. Your book discusses these elements beginning on page 179.
  • You can create your ad in any format that you want.
  • You can draw, cut and paste or use a publishing program (InDesign, etc.).
  • Make sure that you create your image (no stick figures).
  • Your ad should be letter-sized (8 1/2 X 11).
  • Once you have created your ad you must convert it to a PDF document via scan, export, or “print to PDF” command and attach it to the Copy Platform before submitting.


  • You must submit/upload a 2-Page PDF, that contains both the Copy Platform and the Print Ad.
  • Does your visual communicate what is outlined in the Copy Platform?
  • Did you use correct grammar and punctuation? Proofread it again.
  • Did you include all of the elements mentioned above?
  • Check the rubric for the assignment to make sure you understand the parameters (what you will be graded/evaluated on).

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