analysis of the type of competition strategic behavior and pricing strategies and data of a retail industry supermarkets and grocery stores in the united states 1

The basic structure of the project is presented below, I also uploaded a detailed version of it as well.

1. Abstract: State the basic findings – what types of price or nonprice strategies you were able to identify on the market.

2. Background section: Introduce the product/service traded on the market.

Give a brief historical background.

Offer the reader a thorough description of the market – number of players, size, type of interactions, pricing, advertising, vertical and horizontal relationships, R&D.

3. Analysis: As applicable, identify the model of competition that describes this market, identify the type of pricing strategies etc. and argue why you believe these models are appropriate descriptions of the data you presented in the background section. The top scoring projects tend to describe a journey. In Economics, this is usually through a sequence of logical arguments. Your project will be graded based on the idea and the logical structure of your argument in support of your idea. Your arguments should be lodged in the economic theory you learned

4. Discussion: Re-state the conclusions of your analysis. Make a case why some of the strategies you identified in section 3 may or may not be use successfully in another industry of your choice.

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