answer all case analysis questions in chapter 11 13 14 18

the attached pictures are the questions from the book as follow

Chapter #11 page 218, Case Analysis 11-1 ===3 questions at end of case

Chapter #13, pages 252-253, Case Analysis 13-2 ===3 questions at end of case

Chapter #14. Page273-274, Case Analysis 14-3 ===3 questions at end of case

Chapter #18. page 327-328, Case Analysis 18-2 ===3 questions at end of case

Basic instructions completing the exercises listed above:

This is a Formal Assignment. TYPE the Answers IN DETAIL to the Case Analysis questions at the end of each case.

a. Each Case begins on separate sheet of paper

b. On the top of each answer sheet, type the Chapter #, and Answer #s to each question.

c. Single space the answers with double space between answers

d. Select Narrow for page width

e. Font is Arial, 12 point

f. Center the page numbers at the bottom of each sheet in the document named: Test 2 & Case Analysis 2

name the assignment: Test #2 & Case Analysis 2: AND NAME THE FILE: Test #2 & Case Analysis 2

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