answer the following question below and use the specific information from the attached reading to support your answers

  1. Identify and describe a time when you experienced social loafing in a group (in a class, at work, or within another organizational group context.
  2. Describe aspects of the situation that caused social loafing to occur.
  3. Provide specific suggestions your instructor, boss, or supervisor relevant for the context could have done to decrease social loafing.

If you cannot identify a personal example, respond to the following questions:

  1. Explain the concept of social loafing in a group and provide an example.
  2. Describe at least two factors that make social loafing more likely to occur.
  3. Describe at least two strategies that can be used to prevent social loafing from occuring.

Be sure your responses cite and discuss specific supporting information from the assigned readings in support of your discussion with proper paraphrasing, citations, and list of references.

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