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Humans are uniquely gifted in that they communicate with a system of symbols, commonly known as language. There are many options for communicating with language and one of them is spoken/signed language. In the absence of the spoken/signed word, how easy is it to understand other human beings? You’ll discover for yourself after completing this assignment!


  1. Review the 3-part PowerPoint on Nonverbal Communication (posted in this week’s module) so that you are familiar with various types of communication, plus the appropriate term for each of the types.
  1. Choose a TV program to watch that features real-live human beings (sit-coms are especially well-suited for this exercise). The show should be at least 30 minutes long (including commercials). You should choose a program that you have not watched before, or an episode of a program that you’re familiar with, but have not seen yet. (No cartoons for this discussion.)
  1. Watch the program, but without the sound. Pay attention to what each of the characters is doing, not to what each is saying since you won’t be able to hear the speech and the characters are not using sign language.
  1. Take notes on the types of nonverbal communication that you see in the program, such as emblems, adaptors, regulators, etc. Pay particular attention to who is doing what. Use the terms in the PowerPoint to note the specific types of interaction.



After completing your research, answer as completely as you can the following questions. Each answer should be at least a few paragraphs long. Please number your responses according to the question asked.

  1. Provide the title of the TV program you watched, its length, a list of the characters, and the general plot of this particular episode.
  1. What types of nonverbal communication did you observe, and who was doing it? Describe and analyze at least 3 different types of nonverbal communication. Be sure to use the appropriate linguistic terminology, as presented in the 3-part PowerPoint titled “Nonverbal Communication” posted in this week’s module.
  1. Were you able to tell what was going on in the TV program, even though you did not have on the sound and the characters were not using sign language? If so, discuss how it was possible. If not, discuss why you think it was not possible to figure out what was going on in the TV program without spoken/signed language.
  1. Discuss at length what this activity reveals about the function of nonverbal communication for humans.

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Great work! It’s sad to hear and see that sports from our history going into extinction especially for sad reasons like poverty. Great use of explaining both European and American football. I really enjoyed reading your work and I agree sports play a important part in society. (this is example)

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