assignment on universal design for learning

Component 1:

Based on your readings from the textbook as well as any additional academic materials and online resources, please construct a professional report describing in detail Universal Design for Learning framework as an instructional design approach. Your work for component 1 should be a minimum of 500 words and include at least one outside resource. Consider using or other org., edu., or gov. online resources. In your report, please synthesize information that answers the questions below. Be sure to write each question as a title, and number. Then answer each question below each question.

1. What is UDL? (Rather than providing a direct quotation, answer this in your own words)

2. How did it come about? What has influenced the development of the framework?

3. How does UDL help students overcome learning barriers?

4. How would you describe UDL as a framework consisting of principles of Multiple Means of Representation, Action & Expression, and Engagement as well as related guidelines and checkpoints? Be certain to describe the UDL principles in detail.

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