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big data mining vs analytics and the challenges associated with big data 2

There is much discussion regarding Data Analytics and Data Mining. Sometimes these terms are used synonymously but there is a difference. What is the difference between Data Analytics vs Data Mining? Please provide an example of how each is used. Please make your initial post and two response posts substantive. A substantive post will do […]

sarbanes oxley affects those organizations

For this week’s assignment, create a 3-4 page paper that discusses how Sarbanes-Oxley affects those organizations with a cloud presence and what areas they need to be cognizant of to ensure compliance with the law. Assignments should be clear and detailed with a minimum of 500 words, sources must be cited in APA format and […]

real options homework

Please refer to Practice Problem I (not the “more difficult” one) in the Session 7 Content Folder. The assignment is to evaluate both parts, the traditional NPV calculation as well as the Real Options approach. The probability of a successful pilot project is now .4 (instead of .5) and the probability of an unsuccessful pilot […]

please answer the following questions 107

Scenario: An intern employee names James has found a USB on the ground coming into work, he wants to find the owner. He plugs the USB drive into his workstation computer and the drive appears to be empty. He sees that the command prompt flashes open and closes. Unknowingly he just executed a worm or […]