bottle cap case gage r amp r

F. Gage R&R

The parts are measured using a micrometer. A gage R&R was performed with the three operators (Operators A, B, and C correspond to shifts 1, 2, and 3). Each operator measures ten different parts three times.

The measurement data is found in capgagerr.mwx…(with your assigned letter in front of it). Run the gage R&R operators using the average and range method.

F.1. Paste the session window and the “Report for Measurement” output (chart) from the Gage R&R here.

F.2. Explain what the repeatability and reproducibility data from the study indicate in this situation.

F.3. Explain any significant observations in the Report for Measurement.

F.3. Is the %GRR of the measurement system acceptable per the MSA Guidelines?

Explain. F.4. What does the % to tolerance tell you? Is it acceptable per the MSA Guidelines?

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