btter healthcare quality in the united states

How can America provide affordable and available to all citizens, mainly the lower class and those under the poverty line. I have a bibliography that contains 5 sources and 500 words. I need 1000 more words for it to be 1500. This is a 2000 word essay but the professor broke it down so there would be 500 left. I will attach the prompt, rubric, and an outline that contains all the points. If you wish the change it up a little, that will be fine. I am open to changes so if you want to do major changes, consult me first. The sources might not open or would request a password let me know asap and I will send you screenshots. MLA in text citations.

Here is my profs recommendation, “Keep working to narrow your focus even more—perhaps quality of care available (or not available). As one of your sources mentioned, even if free healthcare is provided, it’s not always the highest quality care. That might be an important point-of-focus that people might not understand before reading your essay.

KEY POINTS – I have 500 words done and would like 1000 more.

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