can you edit the paper with corrections that are asked

  • p3, the reference Catherine 2012, is not in your reference list! (CAN YOU ADD IT)
  • p6, at the top – remove reference to Prestige holdings
  • Research questions on p 6 & 7, are different from the ones on p4 (CAN YOU FI THIS)
  • p7, section 1.7, line 4 – remove the ?mark
  • p8 – multiple references to Prestige holdings. I am not clear what your approach is to naming this organisation, in your proposal and write up of your thesis (CAN YOU FIX THIS TO THE BEST OF YOUR KNOWLEDGE)
  • p9 – Conceptual framework is not clear and adds nothing! (CAN MAKE SENSE OF THIS) OR TAKE IT OUT
  • p12, section 3.1 again makes direct reference to Prestige holdings and subsidiaries! (MAKE THIS SOUND CORRECT OR TAKE IT OUT)
  • p12, section 3.2 – population and sample size are not clear. Need to be provided (CAN YO MAKE SENSE OF THIS AND SAMPLE SIZE WOULD BE THE OFFICE OF PRESTIGE HOLDINGS)
  • p12, section 3.3 – statistical tool and technique is not clear ( CAN YOU MAKE IT CLEAR) OR TAKE IT OUT IF YOU THINK



Also, please remove whatever formatting block is on the document

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