check the questions and write 4 page paper make sure you include the titles from the questions

Why Do States Select Their Judges Differently? ● Better to select by professional training and expertise? OR Values and preferences of the community?

● Reflects diversity of values

What Difference Does a Judicial Selection Method Make?

What reformers say:

● Elite appointment upsets separation of powers ● Elections not liked by legal community ○ Voters not knowledgeable ○ Information restricted ○ Increased campaign spending ○ Interest group involvement ● Merit Plan good alternative

This campaign poster for a judicial candidate is especially detailed, but nowhere does it reveal his ideology or policy preferences, something you would expect in a legislative or gubernatorial poster. Judicial norms preclude such announcement of preferences; judges should assess each case based only on its facts and the relevant law. This poster only touts the candidate’s experience and education.

What Difference Does a Judicial Selection Method Make?

What political scientists have found:

● Judges very homogenous group ● Elections decrease racial/ethnic diversity ● Merit Plans/appointments increase racial/ethnic diversity

What Difference Does a Judicial Selection Method Make?

Scholars weigh in on judicial selection reforms:

● Most like Merit Plan ● ABA supports direct appointment by governor ● A few support idea of judicial elections

Each involves trade-offs/value judgments

Issue not easily resolved

Check the attachment, the questions are found almost at the end of the pdf

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