cmst digital self so you ve been publicly shamed book report

This assignment will be submitted to Turnitin. Please do not do this if you are going to plagiarize the assignment. I will send the book pdf on adobe editions In the next message. Everything needs to be properly APA cited. In text and references Book Report on So You’ve been Publicly Shamed | By: Jon Ronson My teacher is passionate about the digital self, the future of technology, the benefits of technology, and big data!

Assignment: In a 5-page book report, please address the following questions:

  • Is shame ultimately progressive or regressive?
    • At a personal level?
    • At a society-level?
  • Is the ability to ignore or challenge public shaming a question of privilege or a question of personal choice?
    • In other words, can everyone follow the path as some of Ronson’s renegades, or were they able to refuse to be shamed because they had more social privilege than the average person?
    • If you were the subject of a public shaming ritual would you fight back?
      • How?
      • If you fought back, would you win?
        • What do your answers reveal about your social, financial, and/or cultural position(s)?

Your book report should include at least 3 cited references to examples/discussions/ideas from the book. And, you should augment your analysis by citing at least 2 academic readings (beyond our syllabus) and 1 popular media reading.Please be sure to append a 1-page Works Cited (APA style) listing all material cited in your 5- page essay.CMST Digital Self: So you’ve Been Publicly Shamed Book Report. 5 pages double spaced. NO PLAGIARISM. It’s going through turn it in

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