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Reading/Literacy specialists engage in instructional approaches and materials at the school level to support secondary students’ learning in reading and writing across content areas. To meet students’ needs, reading/literacy specialists must collaborate with secondary educators to design evidence-based instructional plans that incorporate literacy. Additionally, they assist in exploring and adapting research-based materials that develop reading comprehension, vocabulary, writing, and critical thinking skills in all students.

Based on the Topic 3 content area teachers’ interviews and their 3-5 day unit lesson plans, choose one lesson and use the “Lesson Revision Action Plan Template” to design a plan for incorporating literacy into the lesson. Include suggestions for evidence-based approaches and materials that address reading comprehension, vocabulary, writing, and critical thinking that you feel would improve content area literacy development of all students.

At the bottom of the template, include a 250-500 word rationale to support your recommendations. In the rationale, recommend 2-3 professional resources for this teacher to support his or her professional growth in literacy.

APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

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