complete three short discussions devry


Although estimates vary, it is suggested that 80% or more of the job openings that exist are in the hidden job market. What is the difference between the published job market and the hidden job market? What techniques would you usually use to access the published job market? What techniques would you use to access the hidden job market?

And, if you are already a professional in your field and do not intend on seeking a different opportunity within the next 5 years, how might being aware of the hidden job market be of value to you? Additionally, many of you may be in a position to hire employees (or will be in the future). That noted, how might knowing about the hidden job market impact your strategy to recruit and hire qualified candidates?


What social media tools do you use and why? How do you use social media to support your personal brand? Is there one social media method you prefer over another and why? Include specific examples and screen shots of your social media sites if appropriate.


This week you are reading about the connection between the worldview of ecofeminism and social justice. This week, we will utilize the case study “The Commercialization of Life Forms” by Wanda Teays from the textbook as a point of departure for discussion. As you study this section, consider the following.

  • What is the relationship between ecofeminism and environmental ethics? What are some of the key points?
  • How do technologies related to microorganisms suggest ethical conflicts?
  • How do these conflicts relate to social justice?

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