computer bcis 1305 1

Hello, I need help in my computer business application 1305 in myLab IT. There are words, and excel simulations training, simulation exams and projects graders. I n word, there are chapters 2 to 4 simulation training, simulation exams and grader projects. Word Chapter 2 simulation training and simulation exam, and project grader. Word chapter 3 simulation training and exam. Word chapter 4 simulation traing of 5questions and exams of 11questions. We also have excel simulation training, simulation exams and project grader. Excel chapter 1 simulation training with 16questions and 23 simulation exam questions. Chapter 2 training of 10questions, exams of 10questions and project grader. Chapter 3 training of 12questions and 12 exams questions. Chapter 4 simulation training practices of 21questions and 21 exam questions, and 66 excel training questions. I will appreciate an excellent tutor that will do these for me and further information will be given to the tutor.

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