create a business law powerpoint and explanatory memo

You are to create a training presentation for a FICTIONAL COMPANY on avoiding discriminatory hiring and employment policies. You may chose a discrete discrimination issue (i.e. a concept covered in Topic 16) Found here @ scroll to Employment Discrimination and click on it. or focus on employment discrimination more broadly. You must create a PowerPoint presentation and an explanatory memo.

The explanatory memo must:

1. Explain the purpose (routine/annual training, training conducted in response to a violation, etc.) and audience (executive leadership team, hiring managers, low-level managers, employees/staff, etc.) for the training

2. Include a description of the training

The PowerPoint presentation must:

1. Explain the applicable law to the intended audience

2. Provide thorough treatment of the topic(s) selected, including actionable steps the company should take to avoid issues around discrimination

3. Adhere to general standards for good use of PowerPoints. Some useful tips can be found in the following articles:

4. Expand on the content on the slides by using either the notes section or using recorded narration (if you’ve never used this awesome feature in PowerPoint, you can learn more about it here

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