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https://youtu.be/t4uAAScdtkw (Links to an external site.)

Hi guys. Here is an extra credit opportunity for spring break. Get out and walk if you can. Or here is a great body weight workout you can do at home. Try to get 150 minutes in of exercise this week. Submit a document here with a journal of your workouts. Keep moving!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_W9B2ffnO5c (Links to an external site.)

2- Watch Mini Lecture on the Importance of Exercise

Importance of Exercise-Handout

https://youtu.be/-Yf4Ii4Q5CQ (Links to an external site.)

Submit a text entry saying you have completed the video.

3-Workout 033020

Do this workout at home this week. Upload a photo of yourself after the workout or a text submission of how you felt after the workout.

Workout 032620

https://youtu.be/hvaoDn1oSsc (Links to an external site.)

4-Second Workout

Do a second workout on your own.You can repeat the workout I uploaded point 3 or 4,or this could be a workout you find online, or an outdoor walk/jog if that is an option in your neighborhood.

Upload a photo of yourself after the workout and/or a description of the workout, how you felt and what you chose to do!

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