discussion paper reflection paper 2 pages answer all the questions and use text citation discussion and reflection paper each should be in separated word document

Discussion part: there are 3 questions in this part. answer all the questions in each part. No less than 1 paragraph for each question.

Question 1: Two Deaf Brothers
Below is one of many links about the story about two deaf brothers in Belgium. For more information, you may want to google this story. What is your reaction? Should a healthcare professional have helped out? Please discuss

Question 2: Karen Ann Quinlan (Links to an external site.) & Sarah Scantlin
Take a moment and read through the links about these ladies, then respond to the following questions.

  • How do you feel about the proposition that life-sustaining procedures can be refused even if the patient is not competent to voice the refusal?
  • Please discuss how you would handle these cases if you were on the medical team. What would you advocate for and why?

Question 3: Recent Changes in State Legislation (Links to an external site.)

Read through the article linked above and respond to these prompts.

  • How do you feel about the passing of this legislation?
  • How does this impact the oath medical professional swear to uphold?
  • Please discuss how you would handle these cases if you were on the medical team. What would you advocate for and how?

Reflection paper: the body of this paper should be 2 pages without counting reference page. Make sure you answer all the questions.

  1. From a medical view, what is a “good” death and please explain your answer
  2. Mr. Bubba Smith, aged thirty, is lying in a bed in an intensive care unit, breathing with the help of a respirator. His face has good color, and he is warm to the touch. Indeed, he looks healthier than other patients in the unit. He has also just been diagnosed as “brain dead.” Would it matter if Bubba had a traumatic brain injury?
    • Is Bubba really dead or imminently dying? Please discuss your thoughts
    • Is it ethically permissible to harvest his organs at this time or do we need to wait for someone to declare him officially dead? Please discuss and explain your answer

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