eng 1101 modern english 2

Essay #4: Othello

This essay is expected to be approximately 1000 words with an MLA annotated bibliography included. An annotated bibliography is basically a works cited page with a brief summary (between 100-150 words) about why each particular reference relates to your essay. Review these online examples: https://www.easybib.com/guides/annotated-bibliographies/ (Links to an external site.).

You have until Monday, April 13th at noon to have the essay and bibliography completed. HAVE FUN!

Othello writing prompts:

1. Do a character analysis of any character from the play.

2. Do a compare and contrast of Othello and Iago or Emilia and Desdemona.

3. From your interpretation, what is the theme of the play: i.e. jealousy, passion, etc.?

4. Describe how Othello’s race impacted the unfolding drama of the play.

5. In your opinion, why is Othello still considered to be one of Shakespeare’s most relevant and controversial plays?

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