english assignment 116

The assignment we will begin this week is intended to introduce you to a variety of research tools that are available to you whether or not you are a student. Some, like the news sites, will be familiar, while others, like the search engines for the Deep Web, will likely not. Both methods present challenges. News sites require care in establishing credibility, as the definition of what is considered news has changed much. Some players in this category peddle outright lies under the guise of news gathering. The Deep Web is a store of information that is not findable through standard search engines. The algorithms can’t distinguish it. Some people argue that, like dark matter in the universe, the information contained in the Deep Web represents the bulk of the content that exists on the internet. However, the Deep Web search tools can be … infuriating.

This assignment will ask you to try out many different research tools, so give yourself time to browse and get familiar. The assignment is very particular. I am asking to try specific types of sources and a certain number of that kind of source. For example, I might ask you to try three reference works. While it might seem repetitive at times, it is for a purpose: exposure. Exposure creates familiarity, and familiarity creates opportunities for future research.

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