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  • Submit your final draft of Paper #2 to this submission link.
  • Please follow the format instructions in the assignment, including a heading, 2 paragraphs, and a References page with the summary source.

NAL stands for Not Academic Language. NAL should be avoided in formal writing assignments. ; it’s generally ok in less formal writing such as Discussion Forums.

NAL includes the following:

  1. First person (I, me, we, our) in the summary paragraph You can avoid using the first person by writing about groups of people in the 3rd person. For example, instead of writing, “Nearly all of us face challenges in school at some point,” you could write, “Nearly all students face challenges in school at some point.”
  2. Second person (You, yours) in both paragraphs Again, use plural 3rd person to avoid second person. Using plural nouns avoids having to use “one” which can get awkward when using pronouns.
  3. Questions to the reader in both paragraphs (e.g. What are the challenges that students currently face?) Instead, you could write, “Many of the challenges that students currently face are unknown.”
  4. Contractions (I’m, he’s, it’s, you’re, etc.) in both paragraphs Spell contractions out in separate words.
  5. Slang and conversational expressions (e.g. basic or extra; between a rock and a hard place) in both paragraphs. Use words that are less conversational.
  6. Words with an emotional tone (e.g. amazing, fabulous, divine, etc.) in both paragraphs. Use words that are descriptive, but more objective.

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