Essay to attach to scholarship applications at San Diego State University


Please do your best, I need a good essay that can persuade the committee to approve and give me the scholarship.

Information about me : Name: Wael Athnas. Major: Accounting. Full Time Student. Low Income Immigrant and currently unemployed. I need to help my family. Earned 2 associate degrees in Business Administration And Certificates in, Business Economic, Business Administration, and General Education. Graduated from Cuyamaca College with a 3.57 GPA in June 2016.

If you need additional information Let me know

Submit an essay (approximately 500 words) that will enable those making scholarship decisions to learn more about you. Write about what motivated you to choose your major or program, your future career goals, and any other information that will help reviewers make a well-informed decision. This is your first, and sometimes only, chance to tell them why they should award a scholarship to you, as opposed to another applicant.

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