ethnocentrism prejudice stereotype racism culture shock tck etc 2

Length:5-6 pages

Format:Double-spaced, Times New Roman 12-pt font, with 1” margin on all sides

Assignment Details:

Select ONE of the theoretical concepts (for example, ethnocentrism, prejudice, stereotype, racism, culture shock, TCK, etc) discussed in your textbook, and discuss how your personal and lived experience underlines and exemplifies that concept. Make sure you contextualize and explain the concept before relating it to your experience. Also, try to relate the both (concept and experience) throughout the paper.

Important:You are required to include a bibliography (APA style), and also, use in-text citations, when required. The bibliography is not inclusive of the minimum length requirement (5 pages). Make sure you follow a proper essay format – introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Also, remember to include a creative title!

SOURCES: Use 4 or 5 sources and 1 or 2 have to be scholarly.

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