from the perspective of special victims law enforcement officers in what ways could sexual assault education in elementary school either increase or decrease the likelihood of sexual assaults on college campuses 1

read the attached and write minimum 2500 words based on the instructions

no plagiarism!

This research paper CRJ 302 focuses on much of a qualitative approach and I have attached the rubric and how the proposal should look like. In addition, I also uploaded the template which is around 9 pages with the references page.

The question is basically trying to understand the correlation between the early education of sex ed to the younger people and how it will affect the rise of decline of sexual assault on college campuses in the near future.

I’ve attached the sampling just to give you a clear idea when it comes to using numbers if you needed to use any. Also, The template shows how the paper needs to look like. I think you already have a general idea on what is needed, and take all the time you need.

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