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Hello there, I need help answering question part A only please. The prompt in below. Thank you.

You are writing the report for your seventh grade students, make it fun and exciting to read.

Include pictures, maps, and interviews always add interest!

Diana A) Why would a relatively poor nation like Portugal have played such an important role in sea exploration? Why were they the first of the European nations to explore? What developments and discoveries were important in the process of their exploration in Portugal

Alyse B) Refer to the map of sixteenth century Europe on page 513. Explain why Europe was divided into a collection of sovereign states and did not attain the same vastness as the greater empires of China, India, and Islamic Islands

Zuri C) Examine the career of Martin Luther. What were the foundations of his Reformation? What legacy did he leave Europe?

Elleny D) Examine the leading thinkers of the scientific revolution. How did their ideas influence the Enlightenment?

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