Homeland security final


Need help wrapping up a class while moving. its essentially combining the included red cell paper with the organization anaylsis. 

Using the Organizational Profile you prepared in your Midterm Assignment due in week 3 and the Progress Assignment -Draft of the Red Cell Analysis you prepared in week 6, combine the two and make any necessary changes based on instructor feedback. The Final Assignment/ Completed Red Cell Analysis should be one seamless document. Include at least three recommendations you would provide to a policy maker on your selected organization. When the Organizational Profile and the Draft of Red Cell Analysis are combined and you add the recommendations, your Final Assignment/ Completed Red Cell Analysis should be at least 11-16 pages total in length. 

The Final Assignment/ Completed Red Cell Analysis is due Sunday of Week 8. The Completed Red Cell Analysis must follow Turabian or APA guidelines(parenthetical citation format) and be free of typographical, spelling and grammatical errors.



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