human service major

1. pretend your an intern at a homeless shelter. write about any Ethical issues at your agency. 2-3 paragraph

2. pretend your an intern at a homeless shelter write about the Supervision and internship. 2-3 paragraph

It should not have any APA, quotes, etc., as it is to be in your own words.

  • Introduction paragraph-with the last sentence in this paragraph the main topic of the questions.
  • Paragraphs that support your points. The first sentence should be the topic of that whole paragraph
  • Summary paragraph. Do not repeat exactly what you already wrote. Instead, write about your thoughts about what you have written
  • All paragraphs are to be at least 5 sentences in order to explain your point.
  • Proofread your work. Points will be deducted for excessive errors in spelling and grammar.
  • Make sure your paper is 1” margins on all sides; double spaced (no spaces between paragraphs-set your computer right).

3. After watching the youtube, write a reflection on how you would supervise differently if you were the supervisor in that situation.

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