i have 9 questions for a biomechanic lab assignment

1.) Define viscoelastic, hysteresis, creep, force relaxation, energy absorbed, energy

returned, elastic region, plastic region and yield point in a stress – strain curve.

2.) Describe the properties of a viscoelastic material.

3.) Give examples of biological tissues that are viscoelastic.

4.) Explain the time dependent response of a viscoelastic material.

5.) Explain the rate dependent response of a viscoelastic material.

6.) Draw a stress-strain curves for elastic, ductile and brittle materials. Label elastic region,

yield point, plastic region, and failure point.

7.) Draw a stress – strain curve for a cancellous (spongy) and cortical bone.

8.) How does velocity (rate of loading) affect the response of the spring and damper

(dashpot) in a viscoelastic material?

9.) Explain the difference between creep and force relaxation.

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