i have and assignment to read and explain the philosophy of a movie

The assignment is due tonight March 29 , at 11:59 PM PST (Los Angeles time)

The assignment must consist of details drawn straight from the documentary

My professor said:

Many philosophers have chosen to express philosophy in the form of dialogues, plays, novel, and other literary forms. Filmmakers have often chosen philosophical themes as the focus of their messages on film. This section of the course allows us to see the relationship between philosophy and the arts.

You have one assignment in the part of the course. Please submit before the end Week 6 (Sunday by midnight).

Here are some steps to guide you: RESERVE A FILM; NO DUPLICATES ALLOWED.

  1. Choose a film, dialogue, play, novel, or visit a philosophical exhibit and write a short paper (500-750 words about your experiences.) Choose something you have not seen before. Summarize the main points of this experience. Use the discussion post format. NO ATTACHMENTS PLEASE.
  2. Think of the relationship of the film or literature to an issue in philosophy of religion, e.g., a concept in one of the religions, or a classical theme in the philosophy of religion such as the problem of evil, the existence of God, free will vs. determinism, etc. You may draw from your knowledge of the philosophy of religion from this course or other online or library research.
  3. Draw some conclusions about the philosophical material you’ve experienced by showing how this may have contributed to your own development or understanding of a social/political contemporary issue. (Refer to Encylopedia of Philosophy (Links to an external site.))
  4. Respond to a classmate with a thoughtful substantive post of at least two sentences.

In sum: your final post should have these three points covered and marked clearly.

Part 1: Summary of experience (Name the film, novel, etc. and describe the main points)
Part 2: Relation to philosophical theme or issue
Part 3: Conclusion about personal development and/or contemporary social/political issue.

Part 4: Respond to a classmate.

Your own creativity in the form of poetry, literary/visual/musical expression, or other creative form I have not mentioned is most welcome.

Remember, your posts on these assignments enrich our course. We all learn from your explorations. Thank you in advance!

I have added links below. You may also select a film or book that is not mentioned. Feel free to run it by me if you have questions.

Philosophy and Film List (Links to an external site.)

Philosophy and Religion in Film (Links to an external site.)

Best Philosophical Literature List (Links to an external site.)

Here are some of my favorite films. Please feel free to post suggestions on the discussion thread as well.


The Namesake

Slumdog Millionaire






Seven Years in Tibet

The Little Buddha


Not Without My Daughter

The Stoning of Saraya M

Kite Runner



Getting Low

Cry Freedom (about Reconcilation in South Africa)


Stranger Among Us


A Beautiful Life

Shindler’s List

Fiddler on the Roof

The Reader

Native American Spirituality

Dances With Wolves

Little Big Man

Paganism in conflict with Christianity

The Burning Times (available on internet)

Agora (about the female philosopher Hypatia)

Meaning of Life


Hotel Rwanda


Eat, Pray, Love


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