Impact of Educational and Drug Prevention Programs, assignment help


FINAL EXAM: Research Paper

Assignment Type: Submit via Moodle

Due Date: May 4, 2017

Points Possible: 100

Project Duration: 20-30 hours

Deliverable Length: 8-10 pages

Topic: Research Paper on “Impact of Educational and Drug Prevention Programs, Community Policing, Specific Deterrence and Rehabilitation on Future of Justice Programs.

( Students may chose a different topic to research, but that topic must reflect drug prevention or crime prevention programs for juveniles.

Points to include in the Research Paper:

1. Historical background of the programs

2. Organizational or operational structure

3. Traditional practices

4. Innovations and use of technology

5. Analysis of data or critical examination of researches

6. Strengths and weaknesses

7. Evaluations, Theory and Innovations, alternatives and impact

8. Conclusion

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