l3 paper 1

Please make sure to provide Parts 1 through 4 in narrative format and not in bulleted text.

Complete the following parts to generate a single paper:

Part 1: Literature Review(5–6 pages)

Review the Learning Activities related to conducting Literature Reviews as well as how to synthesize the research. Refer to the Literature Review (attached) Of the 12–14 resources that is reviewed, choose 6–10 peer-reviewed journal articles that most closely address the problem that you chose. Make sure that your articles are about 80% current; published within the past 5 years.

  • Explain briefly the problem within the topic of study, incorporating feedback from your assessed in you literature review (1 page)
  • In narrative form, provide an integrated synthesis of your resources related to your Problem Statement, weaving together related main ideas from various sources and identifying the common ideas, or themes, from across your resources. Use a minimum of 6–10 peer-reviewed resources from the Literature Review

Review the Learning Activities related to Causes and Effects, including how to examine and evaluate the causes and effects of a research problem.

  • Write a clearly defined narrative that incorporates 3 causes and 3 effects of your research problem and explain how they were described in your problem.
  • Explain your reaction to the findings about the causes and effects of the problem.
  • Explain whether you believe these causes and effects could have been prevented, and how.

Part 3: Problem Solution (2–3 pages)

Review the Learning Activities related to Problem Solution regarding how to create a problem solution(s) for a research problem.

  • Based on the scientific knowledge and research skills that you acquired throughout the program, develop a solution that could lead to a successful resolution of the problem, explaining the advantages and challenges to the implementation of this solution. Be sure to support your solution with citations from scholarly literature.
  • Describe the potential for positive social change that could result from this solution in a minimum of two paragraphs
  • If you could direct the implementation of each solution, describe other ideas you have that could lead to a successful resolution of the problem.

Part 4: Conclusion (1–2 pages)

Summarize the Capstone Project experience.

  • Describe what aspects of the Capstone Project have helped you to become more of a researcher.
  • Explain how your master and in industrial-organizational psychology contributed to your identity as a social change agent.
  • Describe the impact of your MS program as it relates to your personal and professional growth.

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