leadership 243

  • Write a two-page paper that thoroughly addresses the questions below. (Optional title page, two pages of content — 12 point font single spaced, 1-page bibliography citing your sources.)
  • Identify a real person (dead or alive, present or past) whom you consider to be a great leader. This could be a leader from any walk of life – military, political, religious, entertainment/arts, business, cultural change. They need not be particularly famous or widely-known, as long as you can document their leadership style and influence as required below.
  • Spend some time researching the life and work of this great leader. If possible, please include at least one book in addition to web-based sources and/or periodicals. Be sure to properly cite all your sources.
  • Answer the following questions:


  1. Describe FIVE specific character traits that make this person a great leader. Explain how each of these traits contributes to this person’s ability to effectively lead others.
  2. Describe the scope of this leader’s influence, and describe the impact that this leader’s life and accomplishments have had on others (whether the world, humanity, country, organization, local community, or even family.)
  3. Provide TWO quotes from this leader which capture the essence of his/her style of leadership.
  4. Of the five characteristics described in question one, identify the ONE character trait displayed by this leader which you admire most and want to emulate. Describe some specific behaviors and activities you can implement in your own life to do so.

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