matlab assignment 3 1

For all the questions below, plot your figures within the window of 𝑛 = [−5,5]. Remember, all your answers must be on a single file and your script must be self-sufficient and run without any errors to

receive any points. You should produce only one figure. Do not plot anything that you are not instructed to do so within this document.

Question 1 (100 points). A system is defined below where 𝐱[𝐧] is the input signal, 𝐡[𝐧] is the impulse response, and 𝐲[𝐧] is the output.

  • Plot the output 𝐲[𝐧] for the system defined above, given the input signal 𝐱[𝐧] as a single figure. Do not forget about the plotting window provided above.Hint:
  • Define the provided signals as MATLAB vectors. It is the reverse of first two homeworks.
  • Use built-in Matlab function “conv()” for convolution. Follow the link for documentationregarding its use:…

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