Midwifery knowledge and practice

PHI 305 Topic 4 DQ 1
August 2, 2020
policy recommendation paper/nutrition class
August 2, 2020

Midwifery knowledge and practice

Role of the midwife
– primary care across the continuum

– maternity (multidisciplinary team) care team

– collaborative practice

– autonomous practice

Philosophies of midwifery
– woman centred care

– partnership with women

– continuity of care

Psychosocial aspects of childbearing
– key concepts in psychosocial development

– psychosocial alteration and adaptation

Anatomical, physiological alterations and adaptations
– conception, embryology and fetal development

– pregnancy

– childbirth

– postnatal

– lactation

Beginning health assessment skills and documentation
– health history taking

– psycho-social assessment

– abdominal palpation

– urinalysis

– documentation

– antenatal screening


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