multiple regression project 2

CRJ 303 Week 5 DQ 1; Legal Rights of Inmates
August 2, 2020
Work-Integrated Project
August 2, 2020

multiple regression project 2

KEY INFORMATION: See more on the project in the attachment “Project hints and guideline” attachment. I have also attached a rough draft of a paper I worked on as a guide. I’d need you to check all of the work to ensure it is correct. Also, if using any of the text, please rewrite.

The case involves the decision to locate a new store at one of two candidate sites. The decision will be based on estimates of sales potential, and for this purpose, you will need to develop a multiple regression model to predict sales. Specific case questions are given in the textbook, and the necessary data is in the file named pamsue.xls.


Cover page: Include the report title, your name, course, section, instructor, and date. Go to a new page, and use the following subsection headings for the report.

Introduction: One paragraph (two at most) describing the subject and context of the project.

Data: One or two paragraphs describing the data in plain English (number of variables, number of observations, units for data values, etc.) Display of computer work described in “project hints and guidelines” – See attached

Results and Discussion: This is the main body of the report. It is where you will describe what you have done, what you found, and answer the case questions with the reasons for your answers. These reasons should be based on the analytical work you have done using Excel. Depending on how concisely you write and how many tables and graphs you include, this page could be 3-4 pages long. Correct answers to the five questions in project hints and guidelines

Conclusion: One or two paragraphs discussing any remaining issues (e.g. shortcomings and possible improvements of the analyses in the report).


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