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Hi I need help organizing my final project the paper is already done but I need assistance on the redo as my professor has specific feedback and instructions so that I can get an “A Level Grade”

Here is my professor’s feedback

This paper was not responsive to the requirements of the assignment. You posted your marketing paper but, this assignment asked for very different elements in this final paper.

In grading papers, I have to use the rubric so, I start at the topic of the grading rubric and go down one step at a time, reading each specific topic.

You have a lot, really a lot of material that wasn’t asked for and I didn’t clearly see the specific sections asked for, and only those specific sections asked for, in this assignment/rubric. Everything else just confuses the narrative with respect to the rubric.

Here is the assignment

My Chosen Company: Apple Inc

My Chosen Product: Apple iphone 11 Max Pro

In Module Nine, you will submit your completed project management plan in addition to the risks and cost estimates and the high-level work breakdown structure identified for the tasks and subtasks (including at least five major tasks with appropriate number of subtasks) necessary to implement the new business opportunity in the marketplace. It should be a complete, polished artifact containing all of the critical elements of the final product. It should reflect the incorporation of feedback gained throughout the course and especially the feedback from the project management plan outline in Module Eight.

Hi I need assistance with my final project here a majority of the paper is already complete I just need to restructure according to the professor’s feedback and the grade rubric.

Again in this assignment the professor want references from the course textbook.


Password: Selena0331@…

Scroll down to: 9-1 Final Project Submission: Project Management Plan

To see graded rubric

Criteria’s for these assignments were not completed and must be done.


Work Breakdown Structure


Life Cycle

Profit Generation

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