1) Cover page, including your name, the topic, the class and the semester is required

2) The introduction should take about 2-3 pages.

3) The methods section should justify your choice of primary source(s) and how you obtained them. Please make sure I can access all your primary sources. If they are in PDF format, please email them along with your final paper

4) The bulk of the paper should analyze the primary source vis-a-vis the psychological mechanisms that we covered in class.

You are asked to identify and analyze a minimum of THREE (3) Cognitive Psychological phenomena AND THREE (3) Social Psychological Phenomena from your primary sources.

As explained and discussed throughout the semester, please limit yourself to psychological processes, phenomena, concepts and terms that were covered in class

this can be done either by:
A) Stating the name of the cognitive phenomenon that you are discussing and then elaborating in a paragraph where you found evidence for it in your primary source(s)
B) Quoting from your primary source(s) and then proceeding to deconstruct the quote in what follows, based on the psychological phenomena that we covered in class.

5) a conclusion section is optional, and can serve as the space where you may add any relevant context to your impressions on the subject.

6) References should NOT include class notes, but should include all articles and web links that informed your work. APA format for citations is appreciated, but please do not obsess over it.

The MS-Word document should be in .doc format, written using 11-12pt Times New Roman font, Double-Sided, Double-Spaced, with 1 margin throughout