Part 2 of Final Paper Crim 4385


Assignment: Compare or contrast Texas or your local municipality’s crime rates/statistics with those of the United States. Note especially those percentages or rates that are different from the national average. Include race and gender if possible. This analysis achieves one of the important elements you need to consider and include with your Final Paper due in Session 15. You may document your crime statistics in a table, chart, or similar form and then submit it for grading. You may also find that concentrating on the crime statistics closely related to your incident selection would be most beneficial for your Final Paper. An example is if your incident is about the murder of an African-American male, you would definitely want to research the number of African-American males murdered in your locale in comparison to those murdered in the U.S. during the same time period. You may find crime statistics on federal or state Agency websites. If you download these, please also explain how these statistics are related to your topic.

Submission: Submit completed assignment as an attachment.

Due Date: By 11:59 pm, Sunday night

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