Power Supply Replacement Process


Sample process documents are available at many manufacturers’ sites. Here are two samples from Hewlett-Packard:

  • Power Supply Replacement
  • Motherboard Replacement

You work on a desktop support team supporting end-users via telephone. You receive a call and the end-user describes the problem. The problem is as follows:

The computer is getting excessively hot and frequently shuts down unexpectedly. There is also a strange noise coming from the back of the computer case.

Create a process document the desktop support team members can use to determine whether the issue is related to the power supply and resolve the issue.

Include the following in your document:

  • A list of power supply problem indicators
  • Questions to help clarify the problem and determine if it is related to the power supply
  • Specifications you would need to gather to identify a replacement power supply
  • Steps to select and replace a power supply of a desktop computer that requires a minimum of 1,200 watts of power
  • Steps to transfer the power supply to the new system, including cautions and notes
    • Notes are tips and tricks for completing the process
    • Warnings are instructions to prevent harm or damage to the hardware
    • Cautions are instructions to prevent injury
    • Steps to test the power supply to ensure it is working properly after troubleshooting and reconciling end-user issues

Create your document using Microsoft® Word. You may augment your written guidance with flowcharts or illustrations created in Microsoft® PowerPoint®, Visio®, or another software application approved by your Instructor.

I will attach the two sample documents

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