professional practice nursing

Professional practice paper

Instructor details:
1.You will write on the topic outlined below and put it in a WORD document. Do not
paste the questions into the document. You may use headings, but keep the
headings short, less than one line. This is a paper, not a list of answers to a list of
2.After reading Chapter 1 in the text, you have seen that nursing is sometimes seen
as an “emerging profession” rather than a true profession. Write one to two
paragraphs about your perception of nursing as a profession.
The nursing graduate degrees are evolving, is there a degree or certification that
you are interested in pursuing? Chapter 4 discusses examples of the master’s
degree programs and doctorate nursing programs. Describe the intended path of
your educational journey.
3.Describe a nursing organization that you are currently a member of or one that
you have an interest in joining as you move into your BSN. Look at the
organization’s web site and describe at least three benefits the organization may
offer to other nurses.
4.The grading for this assignment will follow the Grading Rubric for papers. Be sure
that it is professionally written following APA format. Please submit to the
Dropbox by due dates on in the dropbox or in the course calendar.
The paper will be written in APA style and consist of the following:
• Cover page

• Body of paper 2 to 3 pages in length double spaced not including the cover
page, abstract (yes add one), or reference pages. Abstracts are a summary, they
are on the second page. They have a heading called abstract. They are never
longer than 1 page and are on their own page. Abstracts are not indented like
regular paragraphs.
• Reference page(s): a minimum of 5 references, two or more peer-reviewed
articles, and your text is appropriate. You may want to weave in .org website
information as well.
This paper is due when Module 2 closes and should be submitted to the correct


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