psa primary source assignment 5

Now that you have a sense of deconstructing a primary source, analyzing its usefulness, and using it to make some historical argument, you are prepared to remove some of the scaffolding. What this means is that from here until otherwise noted, you no longer have to submit a Who/What/When/Where table for step 1. Instead, you will only have to give me the single paragraph description for each source.

Step 1: Write two-separate one paragraph descriptions of two sources. This is no different than what you did before for step 1, except now you do not need to submit a table.

Step 2: Select any of the two sources to perform a Bias and Reliability analysis. Fill out all the questions in the table, including the two topic questions.

Step 3: Using the source you used for step 2, write a strong, collegiate-level paragraph with that source making an historical argument. You may draw from the other sources and videos to help write your paragraph, but the source should be used to make your point.

This week’s unit saw us grapple with the war on humanity that quietly paralleled the Second World War.

You read through ten primary sources this week: Law for the Protection of Heredity and Health, Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honor, four short testimonies by camp guards at Auschwitz, a statement by a Japanese medical doctor, and three testimonies about the Nanjing Massacre.

You will select two of these for your PSA – one that covers the Holocaust, and one that covers Japanese war crimes.…………

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