PSY/305 Week 2 Individual Assignment – APA Guidelines


APA Guidelines

Imagine you are an instructor who has to present APA guidelines to your class. 

Create a 8-slide PowerPoint that covers some of the APA guidelines according to your reading and the current version of the APA manual as follows (assumption is you are using Microsoft Word):

(First slide is your presentation title) (Use images and colors to enhance your work) (links to “how-to” videos OK as well)

(Bullet points work best inside the slide — word-for-word comments go in the “note” section below the slide if needed.)

Tell how each item is done with EXAMPLES…

CONTENT of PowerPoint:

1 – Parts of a title page (including their location on the page)

2 – Difference between “common knowledge” and when information must be cited in the body of your work (in-text citations).

3 – How to create in-text citations for a website & and how to list the website in your “Reference” section (include what to do if there’s no Iidentifiable author for the website as welll)

4 – How to create in-text citations for professional journal articles – showcase how this is different from citing a book

5 – How to reference (at the end of your work) a book vs. a professional journal article

6 – How to use the “hanging indent” for your list of references. How is the spacing structured for a “Reference” page? 7 – How to locate the APA section in the UOP library and showcase one additional tool for helping students with APA style found in that section of the library (such as RiverPoint Writer).

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