Quality Requirements Analysis


I need a paper using this Case Study with the requirements below.

  • Case Study B – Data Integration Software Tool: You must build a software tool for a telephone company that enables data to be used by a variety of software applications. The project team consists of an unknown number of personnel for the design, development, building, deployment, and operation and maintenance of the system. The team members may be located around the world, in different time zones.

I need the following:

Project Description:

Write a detailed description of your project, based on your chosen case study (1–2 pages).

Quality Requirements Analysis:

Identify your project’s quality requirements and explain how you determined them.]

If you choose to use Microsoft Excel to document your project’s quality requirements, import the file here or attach it to the assessment as a separate file. If you submit the file as an attachment, provide a reference to that file here.

Format all references and citations according to current APA guidelines.

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