quantatative methods statistics problem solving must show work 1

View the attached documents for more understanding. Please show as much work as possible.

If you need the power point that goes along with the book, PLEASE let me know. I will email it to you

Also, please if possible return word documents, NOT hand written

Read chapters 15 and 16, review the PowerPoint slide, then answer the following questions and solve these respective problems that are located at the end of chapters 15 and 16. Show all calculations and given a detailed answer to all questions in response to the statistical findings for each problem solved.

Required Course Textbook: Meier, K. J., Brudney, J. L., Bohte, J., Applied Statistics for Public and Nonprofit Administration, 8th Ed. Boston, Massachusetts: Wadsworth Publishers (2012) ISBN-13: 978-1-111-34280-7

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