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1.List the features that distinguish modern humans and our hominin ancestors from the great apes. Give a brief explanation of each feature.

2.In your own words, describe term mosaic evolution and how it applies to hominin evolution.

3.What is the most important defining characteristic of hominin evolution.

4.Why is it extremely difficult to learn about the earliest stages of hominin cultural development before the regular manufacture of stone tools?

5.Review the section in the text entitled: “Discovering Human Evolution: The Science of Paleoanthropology.” List and briefly describe the major steps typically involved in the pursuit of hominin discoveries.

6.Explain what is meant by the term relative dating.

7.The text describes two (2) methods of relative dating. Identify and explain the basis for each of these methods and the limitations of each.

8. Give a brief explanation of each of the following chronometric techniques based on radioactive decay:
1. thermoluminescence [TL];
2. potassium-argon method; and
3. carbon-14.

9. None of the methods mentioned above are precise. Identify and give a brief explanation of two additional dating techniques used to cross-check chronometric techniques based on radioactive decay.

10. The textbook refers to experimental archaeology. Explain how this type of archaelology contributes to our knowledge of hominid behavioral patterns.

11. Define a “core” in terms of stone tools.

12. Give a brief description of the Oldowan stone tool industry.

13.——————-study the processes of sedimentation, the action of streams, preservation properties of bone, and carnivore disturbance factors.

14.What is the difference between primary and secondary context?

15. Read the text section entitled A Closer Look: What Were Early Hominins Doing, and How Do We Know?. The long-held interpretation of the bone refuse and stone tools discovered at Olduvai has mainly been attributed to hominin activity. What is Binford’s alternative hypothesis?

16. How did Binford arrive at this alternative hypothesis?

17. What is the term used for a method of removing flakes from a core by pressing a pointed implement against stone?

18.List at least four possible factors influencing bipedal locomotion in hominins.

19. Explain Dean Falk’s “radiator theory”?

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