Reaction of Saudi family if they have any autistic child.

1. What this educational issue is:
First, my educational issue is Reaction of Saudi family if they have any autistic child. However, they don’t send their children or detect autism at an early age. there is insufficient awareness of the importance of early detection of autism or that their previous experience with the detection process is unsatisfactory.( Parents of children with autistic in Saudi Arabia experienced stigmatization in 33.7% of the participants and there was a more tendency for mothers to feel self and enacted stigmatized than fathers. ) 2019 International Journal of Pediatrics . King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre (KFSH & RC), Saudi Arabia. Parents are the first to receive shock and surprise after the diagnosis, and live the stages of rejection and denial of the situation and move from one doctor to another until it reaches them to accept the situation and search for appropriate educational and therapeutic programs, so they play a big role in the success of these programs.
2. Why this issue is important (to you and to those who research and study in the field of education):
Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder whose main symptoms are difficulties with social communication (e.g., expressive language, visual communication, social interaction, ).Hand and body, attention to strange things) Such as motor movements Limited and sour Autism is usually in early childhood, and lasts for life, in its fifth edition (2013, Association Psychiatric American).
Because the problems facing parents of autistic children might be harsh as their child’s disability and its social consequences need great efforts to handle. And Families of this group are under psychological, social and economic pressures, especially in the post-diagnosis phase.
The family’s responses to an autistic newborn vary, and scientists and researchers have arrived. Those interested in disability have indicated that there are certain stages the family goes through when they discover that their son has any When a child with a disability is born, the family not only responds to the event on its own, but must be confronted Community beliefs about people with disabilities, family members are affected psychologically and socially These reactions are represented in the presence of feelings of sadness and loss of a healthy child has been called 1991, Jaffe symptoms of chronic sadness syndrome sorrow Chronic He pointed out that there are a number of feelings shown by the parents of them Guilt, anger, disappointment, withdrawal, denial and at first these feelings turn To depression, helplessness, contradiction and a feeling of heavy pregnancy Johnston and Joanne, 2004, p16)
3. What your personal views are on this issue:
Through my experience in the field of autism and, I have seen more than 800 cases in my career must
• It is necessary to have educational programs aimed at the family in general and parents in particular, whether in the field of information related to concepts or information on the growth and development of the child is necessary for the advancement of the field of special education and the development of its services and programs
• The design of these programs should be based on the results of studies that address the nature of the concepts and information prevailing in parents about the child’s development and development and their awareness of the sources of local community services available to them.
• The most important qualities and things that the parents of the autistic child should work include:
a. The lack of guilt towards the presence of this child in the family.
b. Stay away from negative emotions such as anxiety, anger and depression
c. Optimism and hope that the child’s skills can develop.
d. Patience and perseverance in working with the child and not despair
e. See what is new in the world of autism because this turmoil is still surrounded by mystery
f. Adapt to the behavioral problems of the child
g. Ability to find the appropriate way to communicate with the child
h. Generate solution alternatives and not rely on one way
i. Involving the child in family events and informing the community about his disability
j. Join family support groups and benefit from the experiences of others.
k. Effective family and its role with children with autism in early intervention:
The family has a significant and active role in the progress of children with special needs, in general, and children with autism in particular,
4. What or who has influenced your understanding of this issue:
If the family is the primary source of socialization and education for its children, it is natural to occupy the same role if one of its members faces a problem or disorder, the role here is a priority, especially if it is related to the problems of adaptation, or disability, so that it represents The main pillar of the plans and programs of care and rehabilitation, especially the application of educational programs for children with autism. Which means that education is an important factor in the awareness of the family and adapt to the importance of detecting their children in the relevant places and acceptance and deal with all circumstances and start helping their children for the better. One of the main reasons that made me choose this issue or problem and write about the reality that I saw during my career and how the reaction of the parents while telling the diagnosis of their children that they have autism. Everyone, our Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education and the competent authorities must provide full support and training courses for the autistic family because they are the most important link in the process of education for this child or girl who has no guilt. Our social responsibility is based on raising awareness among families, helping mothers and fathers to care for this group that needs various types of support, specifically awareness of how to deal with everything that the child needs, which helps him later to live as much as possible with the nature and degree of disturbance, a task committed by those who felt The importance of the great role in raising families’ awareness and training through the correct scientific and health methods. Supporting issues related to autism in government departments is a necessity. Raising awareness among members of the community about autism disorder, working with specialized agencies to find sporting and recreational activities and programs for members of this group, it is important to encourage volunteer work in the field of autism service and training. To provide counseling for parents and train them on how to deal with their children and provide social and psychological support for parents
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