read the 10 short stories in the reader by chinese american writers and write an essay

1. Read the 10 short stories in the READER by Chinese American writers Moonfoon Leong, Frank Chin, Jeffery P. Chan, Darrell Lum, and Pai Hsien-Yung (Kenneth Pai). Check the internet to see if you can find any background information on these five Chinese American writers.
2. Write a critical essay: a) summary on each story and identify the thematic focus; b) an analysis of three writers’ stories on the issues parent-child relationship in the Chinese American family. (In the short stories written by Monfoon Leong, Frank Chin, Jeff Chan, Darrell Lum, and H.Y. Pai, one major thematic treatment deals with the issue of cultural and family maintenance, especially on the debate on conflicts and differences between the individual and the family, and the generational distance between immigrants and the American-born.)
Select at least three (3) writers’ works and give an analytical critique on how these three writers deal with this issue in their story treatments.

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